1. The Particular of the organization, Function & Duties.Tyre Corporation of India Limited (TCIL) is a company formed under companies Act 1956 and was incorporated on 24.02.1984 to vest two nationalised erstwhile companies M/s Inchek Tyres Limited & M/s National Rubber Manufacturers Limited.Tyre Corporation of India Limited is Central Public Sector Enterprise wholly owned by Government of India and under the Administrative Control of Ministry of Heavy Industries. TCIL is functioning as a Commercial Enterprise, manufacturing Automotive Tyres with Bias Cut Technology of various sizes.The Company’s office are located at:
    “REGISTERED OFFICE” : 19, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata – 700 087
    “TYRE DIVISION”:127, Katadanga Road, Fingapara, Kankinara, North 24 Parganas, Pin – 743129
  2. The Power & Duties of Officers and employees.TCIL has a fulltime Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD), Director (Production) & Director (Finance). The Board comprises of three fulltime functional Directors one Government nominee and one independent Director including fulltime Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD). The Board is assisted by fulltime Directors, who in turn assisted by various officers and Employees at a various level starting from NonUnionised Supervisor (NUS) to General Manager (GM). Main functional areas such as Production, Purchase, Commercial, Finance & Accounts etc. The power and duties of the officers and employees flow from the job assigned and associated power related there to, job description and Divisional / Departmental Manuals.
  3. The Procedure in decision making process including channels of supervision and accountability. TCIL is a company managed by its Board of Directors constituted under the Companies Act consisting of other than whole time Directors, Govt. of India’s nominee(s) and independent Director(s). The day to day activities of TCIL are managed under the leadership of the Board of Directors assisted by the in charge of the respective department. Detailed execution of the job is being done under the leadership of the in charge of the respective department and cases are generally processed at the working level in their respective functional area and are submitted to higher up as per the requirement of each case.
  4. Norms set by Tyre Corporation of India Limited (TCIL) for the discharge of its functions.Efforts are made to deal with the cases as expeditiously as possible in accordance with Rules, Regulation, other instruction and Govt. Guidelines on the subject issued from time to time.
  5. The Rules, regulations, Instructions, Manuals and records held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions.Corporate policy decision of running the business are taken by the Board of Directors in accordance with the prevailing scenario of the business. Day to day activities to be carried out are being decided by the respective divisions / department and are being executed in conformity with the Corporate decision taken in the meeting of Board of Director. Since TCIL is formed under the Companies Act, there is no statutory rule and or regulation, as is applicable in case of Govt. or Statutory Authority.
  6. Statement of categories of documents that are held by it or under its control. The document held by the company include Registers, Books, Manuals Agreements, relevant files for day to day working, Circular and Guidelines issued by Govt. of India and records that are required to be statutorily maintained.
  7. The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof.As the company is functioning as a commercial entity following relevant laws as applicable to it under the control of Board of Directors, the interaction with members of public for formulation of policy or implementation does not arise. However, the Company’s website http://www.tcilcorp.gov.in acts as an information tool for general public.
  8. A statement of the Boards, Councils, Committee and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the propose of its advice and as to whether meeting of those Boards, Councils. Committees and other bodies are open to the public or the minutes of such meeting are accessible for public.Board of Directors is constituted following the provisions of the Companies Act 1956 consisting of other full time Directors, Government of India nominees and independent Directors. While decision taken or minutes of the Boards are not accessible by the public, important decision regarding the Company and / or its management are being communicated to the statutory authorities as also to the public as required under the law from time to time. The details of some of the working committee constituted in the company are given below :Plant Committee : Plant Committee with the Director (Production) as Chairman objectively reviewed the matters pertaining to smooth functioning of Plant and take necessary steps so that Production and quality should not suffer and plant remain operational.Production Committee : Production Committee with Director (Production) as chairman review the matter pertaining to Production of diverse product range and fix up & monitors the targets of Production, wastage, monitors availability of materials, spares etc.Purchase Committee : Purchase Committee comprises of one representative each from Purchase, Finance & Technical / Engineering. All purchase proposal are screened for purchase and recommended for further action by the Purchase Committee. Purchase Committee also ensure the compliance of related policies and govt. circular on the subject. Finally proposals are processed through OSD (Finance) for approval of Director (Finance) as indicated in the Delegation of Power.One Time Settlement (OTS) Committee: The OTS committee has been entrusted with the functioning of settling the dues / claims of old creditors through negotiation. The committee comprising one representative each from Finance, Marketing & Materials. Recommendation of the committee are processed through OSD (Finance) to get final approval of Director (Finance) as indicated in the Delegation of Power.Scrap Disposal Committee : Similar to Purchase Committee, a committee comprising of representative of Finance, Purchase & Marketing to dispose the scrap items / obsolete items by following the in house norms of verifying the items declared as scrap and following the process of competitive bidding. Finally proposals are processed through OSD (Finance) for approval of Director (Finance) as indicated in the Delegation of Power.

  9. Corporate / Registered / Head Office :
    1st Floor, “Leslie House” 19, J L N Road, Kolkata – 700087 (033) 2249 0021 info.tcil@nic.in

  10. Works
    127, Katadanga Road, Post : Fingapara, Dist.North 24 Pgs, Pin:743129 W.B. (033)2581 2142
    (033) 2581 2143
    (033) 2580 3914 (033) 2581 1578 tcilknr@vsnl.net inch2659@dataone.in
  11. Liaison Office
    4850/24, Ansari Road Daryaganj, New Delhi–110 002 (011) 2327 4144 (011) 2327 9540 delhi.tcil@nic.in
  12. A directory of its Officers & Employees.
    Brig. S. K. Mutreja Chairman-cum-Managing Director 22491373 cmd.tcil@nic.in
    Shri S. K. Kamila Chief Vigilance Officer 22496749
    Shri S. K. Paul Company Secretary and In charge Corporate P and HR 22521546 cs.tcil@nic.in
    Shri Partha Bhattacharjee Assistant General Manager [Finance] 22522286 fa.tcil@nic.in
    Shri Samar Chakraborty Consultant (MIS) 22494595 mis.tcil@nic.in
    WORKS :
    Shri Prabhat Kumar Paria Deputy General Manager (Operation & Administration) and Occupier of TCIL, Kankinara Works as per D.H.I.- F.No.1-8/200-PE-VI-PE.VI dated October 18, 2012

    {Head of Engineering, Production, Technical, Quality and Administration}

    (033)25803822 (033)25812142/43 extn-204 pkumarparia@yahoo.co.in
    Shri Jaydeb Chal Senior Manager (Accounts) 25812142/43 207 jchal_2007@yahoo.co.in
    Shri Dinabandhu Biswas Senior Manager (Technical and Quality Assurance)and Additional incharge of Provident Fund 25812142/43 211 biswasdinabandhutcil@gmail.com
    Shri Asis Kr Bandyopadhyay Consultant (Personnel & Administration) 25812142/43 209 hradmin.tcil@nic.in
    Shri Sourav Shaw Manager (Engineering) 25812142/43 263 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Ranjit Singh Chadda Dy. Manager (Production) 25812142/43 263 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Amar Nath Maitra Dy. Manager (R. M. Store) 25812142/43 229 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Riti Ranjan Mondal Dy. Manager (Planning) and Additional incharge of Vigilance 25812142/43 211 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri M D Raju Sr. Officer (Technical and Supply Chain Management) 25021450 220 tcil_purchase@yahoo.com
    Shri Gopal Ch. Biswas Sr. Officer (Security) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Amit Chatterjee Sr. Officer (Finished Goods Stores) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Shyamal Kumar Sardar Sr. Officer (General Stores) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Apurba Saha Hazra Sr. Officer (Tech.) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Atanu Chatterjee Sr. Officer (Planning) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Abhijit Chakrabarti Sr. Engineer (Mech.) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Makhlesur Rahaman Mandal Sr. Engineer (Mech.) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Santanu Mandal Sr. Engineer (Mech.) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Aloke Kr. Naskar Sr. Engineer (Mech.) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Bijan Kr. Naskar Sr. Engineer (Mech.) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Chandi Das Halder Sr. Engineer (Mech.) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Barun Kanti Mohanta Sr. Engineer (Elect.) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Pankaj Mandal Sr. Engineer (Elect.) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Sudip Roy Officer (Materials Management) (033)25805813 220 tcilpurchase@yahoo.com
    Shri Anup Home Roy Officer (Technical) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Smarajit Pal Officer (Production) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Manju Kishor Saha Officer (Production) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Lakshmi Kanta Gupta Officer (Planning) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Rupnath Biswas Officer (Medical) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Subhasish Saha Officer (Costing) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Prasun Kr. Mondal Officer (Personnel & Administration) 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Wongjit Paul Officer 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Dibyendu Narayan Ganguly Assistant Personnel & Administration 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Ashok Kumar Das Assistant General Store 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Amitabha Lahiri Assistant Provident Fund 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri Bishnu Chatterjee Assistant Engineer 25812142/43 inch2659@dataone.in
    Shri L N Banerjee Retainer / Branch In Charge (011) 2327 4144 (011) 2327 9540 delhi.tcil@nic.in
  13. Monthly remuneration received by each of its officers & employees including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations. The officers and the employees in TCIL are being paid monthly remuneration in their respective scales of pay as mentioned below and the allowances as applicable like VDA, HRA, CCA contribution towards P.F/ FPS, Gratuity, Medical etc.SCALE OF PAY FOR OFFICER & NON-UNIONISED SUPERVISOR :
    Sl. No. Name of Post & Designation Scale of Pay (1992)
    1. SUP – I ASSISTANT 2800-90-3430-100-4830
    2. SUP – II SR. ASSISTANT 3000-105-3775-110-5055
    3. A. OFFICER / ENGINEER 3500-150-6200
    4. B. SR. OFFICER / ASST. MANAGER 4000-175-7150
    5. C. DY. MANAGER 4800-200-5800-225-8275
    6. D. MANAGER / CO. SECRETARY 5400-225-6300-250-9050
    7. E. SR. MANAGER / AGM 6500-250-7500-275-9425
    8. F. DY. GEN. MANAGER 7000-275-8100-300-9600
    9. G. GENERAL MANAGER 7500-300-9900
    10. H. CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER 8250-300-10050
    Sl. No. Name of Post & Designation Scale of Pay (1992)
    1. UN-SKILLED 1940-15-2060-18
    2. SEMI-SKILLED 2000-17-2136-20
    3. SKILLED 2100-20-2260-25
    4. LEADING HAND 2250-25-2450-30
    5. CHARGE HAND 2250-25-2450-30
    6. JUNIOR SUPERVISOR 2350-30-2590-35
    7. SUPERVISOR 2500-40-2820-50
    8. JUNIOR CLERK 2200-25-2400-30
    10. SENIOR CLERK 2400-35-2680-40
  14. The Budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditure and reports on disbursement made.
    (Rs. in Crore)
    For the Financial Year 2009-2010 2010-2011
    Capital Expenditure (Plan) 0.00 2.20
    Capital Expenditure (Non Plan) 0.00 0.00
    The proposed Plan Expenditure is for Major Repairs / Replacement / Addition Scheme to keep the Plant in proper health and conditions. Entire expenditure is proposed to be out of internal generation only.
  15. The manner of execution of subsidy programmes including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiary of such programmes.The Company allows subsidy for providing Lunch / Tiffin / Tea & Snacks to all its employees. The monthly subsidy towards above is around Rs.6.00 lakh per month.
  16. Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorization granted by it. Not Applicable
  17. Details in respect of the information available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form. As in the TCIL website http://www.tcilicorp.gov.in
  18. The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information including the working hours of Library or Reading Room maintained for public use. Manager (Personnel) has been assigned the duties of Public information officer (PIO) who is available and can be contact in the Plant Office during any working day within working hour (9.00am to 5.00pm).
  19. The Name, Designation & Other particulars of the Public Information Officer. (a) Public Information Officer (PIO) : Shri Riti Ranjan Mondal Sr Office (Planning)127, Katadanga RoadFingapara, Kankinara, North 24 Parganas, West BengalPin – 743129Tel. No. +91 33 25812142/43 (Extn. 253), Fax. No. +91 33 25811578, E-mail: tcilknr@vsnl.net, inch26592dataone.in

    Bank Account No.: CA No. 100079
    United Bank of India, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata – 700 087

    For depositing the required fee of Rs.10/- (Rupees Ten only) for each information by Demand Draft / Pay Order or by Indian Postal Order. Acknowledgement for submitting the application must be obtained from receiving section of the company.
    (b) Appellate Authority :
    Shri P. B. Koner Director (Production)
    19, Jawaharlal Nehru Road
    Kolkata – 700 087
    Tel. No. +91 33 22171625
    Fax. No. +91 33 2249 0021 & +91 33 2217 1625
    E-mail: tcilho@dataone.in & tcilho@vsnl.net 

    For additional information:

    (a) Rupees Two for each page (In A4 or A3 size paper) created or copies.

    (b) Actual charge or cost price of a copy in larger size paper.

    (c) Actual cost or price for samples or models.

    (d) For inspection of records, no fee for the first hour and a fee of rupees five for each subsequent hour (or fraction thereof).

    (e) For information provided in diskette or floppy rupees  ten for diskette or floppy.

    (f) For information provided in printed from at the price fixed for such publication or rupees two per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication.

    No such fees shall be collected from a person of below poverty line as determined by the Appropriate Government.
  20. Name of the Bankers : Allahabad Bank : Chowringee Branch, Kolkata – 700 071United Bank of India : Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata – 700 087State Bank of India : Park Street Branch, Kolkata – 700 016HDFC Bank Ltd: Park Street Branch, Kolkata – 700 071
    xviii. Name of the Auditors :
    M/S. A. S. Gupta & Co.
    Chartered Accountants
    10, Old Post Office Street
    Kolkata – 700 001
    M/S. Dhandhania & Associates
    Chartered Accountants
    13, Crooked Lane
    Kolkata – 700 069
    xix. Rules Regulation Instruction Manual :
    • Purchase Procedure
    • Internal Audit Manual
    • HRD Manual
    • Accounting Manual
    • Works Manual
    • ISO Documents
    ] All Manuals are available with Public Relation Officer (PRO).
    xx. Budget, Plans & Allocation of Resources
    Sl. No. MOU Target 2010-11 MOU Target


    MOU Target


    1. Turnover 35.78 41.15 41.15
    2. Production (MT) 14400 17980 17980
    3. Operating Profit (PBDIT) 1.24 9.00 9.00
    4. Net Profit (PBT) after Financial Restructuring (4.67) 3.31 3.31
    5. Plan Outlay (Major Repairs / Addition etc.) 2.20 2.20 1.96
    5.1. Budgetary support from GOI 0.00 0.00 0.01
    5.2. Out of Internal Generation 2.20 2.20 1.95
    xxi. Mechanism to facilitated to obtained information :
    • Information through Website.
    • Information on request by Public.
    • Information through Grievances Redressal.